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Abrosexual refers to experiencing varying degrees of sexual or romantic desire over the course of your life. Abrosexuals are susceptible to alterations in their sexual orientation throughout time. For instance, an abrosexual person might at one point be attracted to men sexually and then not be attracted to anyone for a few weeks. An abrosexual person could go through phases of varying levels of attraction.

Multisexuality includes the concept of abrosexuality. This phrase refers to attraction to different genders. Along with abrosexuality, it also encompasses other forms of sexual desire such bisexuality, polyamory, homosexuality, and others.

Gender identity and sexual identity are distinct. Gender identity differs from sexuality in that it pertains to a person’s feeling of their own gender. It’s not necessary for a person’s gender identity and sex to match.

The term “abrosexual” refers to a certain type of sexual fluidity. An abrosexual person notices that their sexual attraction changes frequently: they may identify as gay at first, then feel attracted to people of all genders, and finally experience little to no sexual attraction at all.

Abrosexual folks frequently go through phases where they are attracted to different people and/or feel different levels of intensity.

Being abrosexual isn’t just about using a different term to describe your orientation or “changing your mind.” It implies that as time passes, your actual experience changes.

The word abro, which comes from the Greek and meaning “delicate” or “graceful,” represents movement and change in abrosexuals.

Abrosexual is one of more than a hundred words used to describe various sexual orientations. It falls under the category of multisexuality, which encompasses individuals of all identities who are attracted romantically or sexually to more than one gender. Abrosexual individuals are free to select any number of sexual and romantic partners, or none at all. You may decide to disclose your abrosexuality to people close to you, a potential partner, or no one at all.

Other Names for Abrosexuality

People may use the terms abrosexual and abroromantic interchangeably to refer to individuals whose sexual orientation is variable or ever-changing.

The words “abroromantic” and “abrosexual,” which both have the same Greek origin and imply flexibility in attraction, are distinct in that one describes romantic attraction and the other, sexual attraction.

Abroromantic people may desire a romantic partnership, but may not necessarily desire sexual activity. Abrosexuals may desire sex, but may not necessarily seek out love relationships. The two names, however, are occasionally used synonymously.

What Is the Difference Between Abrosexuality, Pansexuality, and Asexuality?

How does abrosexuality relate to other sexualities?

Bisexuality, heterosexuality, pansexuality, and homosexuality are all terms that refer to the genders of the people you find attractive. Abrosexuality, on the other hand, refers to the reality that your sexual desire changes throughout time without mentioning a specific gender.
An abrosexual individual may discover that they initially identify as “pansexual,” then “heterosexual,” and finally “gay” – all while being abrosexual.
Multiple labels can be used to identify someone at once. It’s acceptable to decide against assigning any labels to your sexual orientation.

Abrosexuality vs. Pansexuality

Due of its mutable nature, abrosexuality differs from pansexuality. An abrosexual person may occasionally be pansexual, although they may also occasionally be heterosexual or asexual. Their sexual preferences are changing. All persons, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, are attractive to pansexuals.

Abrosexuality vs. Asexuality

Asexuality is immutable, in contrast to abrosexuality, which is distinguished by its fluidity. A person who describes themselves as asexual never experiences sexual attraction. An abrosexual individual may occasionally experience asexuality.

How can you support the abrosexual people in your life?

You may help a loved one who identifies as abrosexual or sexually fluid by doing the following:

  • Attempt not to imply that they’re lost or going through a phase. It can be invalidating to query someone’s certainty with phrases like “Are you sure?” and “But how do you know?”
  • If they don’t express a desire to discuss their relationships or sexual experiences, refrain from prying.
  • Give them room to discuss about their relationships, experiences, and crushes without interrogating them about their sexual orientation.
  • Keep them a secret from others. In other words, never inform someone that they are abrosexual without their consent.

How it may affect relationships

As one’s feeling of attraction shifts with abrosexuality, it can be challenging to maintain a committed relationship. Abrosexual people may also discover that they are attracted to someone romantically but not sexually, and vice versa. As a result of their variable levels of attraction to others, some abrosexual individuals might not actively seek out a connection or might prefer a wavership.

A wavership is a sort of partnership where the specifics of the relationship are flexible. For instance, the relationship might be romantic one day, queerplatonic the next, and involve another form of bond the day after that. The crucial notion is that the parties to the relationship share some kind of constant.



  • bisexual
  • multisexual
  • asexual
  • abroromantic
  • Asexuality
  • Pansexual
  • Queer


  • lesbian
  • Homosexual


Spanish- abrosexual
Greek- αφοσεξουαλικός
Latin- abrosexual
French- abrosexuel
Portugese- abrossexual

Use cases

  • Being abrosexual is not the same as being pansexual, where one is not constrained by the sexual orientation or gender of the other person, it is crucial to mention.
  • An abrosexual person could alternate between being asexual and bisexual.
  • The LGBTQ community is adopting the newly coined term “abrosexual” to describe individuals whose sexual orientation is fluid.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Abrosexual flag?

Since 2015, the Abrosexual Pride Flag has been in use. After another anonymous person requested it, Mod Chad of pride-flags-for-us made the flag. It is unknown why this person selected these particular hues. An individual whose sexuality is fluctuating or fluid is referred to as an abrosexual.

What is it called when you’re attracted to masculinity?

Androsexual people: Those who, regardless of whether they were given the gender of a man at birth, have a sexual attraction to men, males, and/or masculinity.

What is a demi girl flag?

The Demigirl Flag (pronounced demmy-girl) is a symbol for people who identify as demigender/a demigirl. This means someone identifies partially as a woman, but not fully. Their gender is ‘woman-adjacent’.

What is a Polysexual flag?

The colors and design of the flag are based off the bisexual and pansexual flags, borrowing the blue and pink, and replacing the purple and yellow stripes with a green one. Flag Meaning. Pink: Represents attraction to female-identified people.

What is a Graysexual person?

In the gray area between asexuality and sexuality, known as gray asexuality, a person may occasionally feel attracted to other people sexually. The Asexual Visibility and Education Network first used the word “demisexuality” in 2006. (AVEN).

What is Greysexual pride?

Greysexuality: Not all sexual desire is black and white; there are occasionally shades of gray. Greysexuality is what appears in this gray space. One who identifies as greysexual—sometimes spelt graysexual—may feel a tad attracted to others sexually.

Is there a Demisexual flag?

The asexual flag has been modified specifically for demisexual folks to create the demisexual pride flag. The flag has three horizontal stripes of white, purple, and gray with a black triangle on the left pointing inward toward the center.

What is Akoiromantic?

People who are lithomantic or akoiromantic experience a romantic attraction but do not want it to be reciprocated. When a person has affections for someone, the attraction could fade as well. People who are gray-a romantic rarely feel romantic attraction or can only do so in extremely narrow situations.


Video explanation on Abrosexual

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A fluid sexual orientation is referred to as abrosexuality. Sexual attraction and sentiments of romance are sometimes referred to as sexuality. This may imply for abrosexual people that their sexual orientation frequently shifts to reflect various forms and levels of attraction. Each person’s level of abrosexuality is different and may fluctuate daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

There are many various types of sexuality, and individuals may think about using an expression like “abrosexual” to describe their sexual orientation. For those looking for a group of people with a similar orientation, this may be helpful. People are not required to utilize or adhere to the concept of labels, however, if they choose not to.

Since their desire to remain with someone outweighs any potential fluctuating loss of sexual or romantic attraction toward them, many people who identify as abrosexual are able to maintain committed relationships.



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