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Achroite is a rare kind of colorless tourmaline that ranges in transparency from translucent to transparent. Like other tourmalines, this stone can be cut and polished.

The gemstone category “Tourmaline (Electric Stone)” includes achroite. Depending on the color, tourmaline has many names. It is the name for a colorless tourmaline. Additionally, purple “Siberite,” scarlet “Rubellite,” and other colors are recognized. It is a gem name, hence the word isn’t listed in the mineral lexicon. Please look for a jewelry dictionary when you need more specific information.
The significance and characteristics of achroite can awaken latent talent. It is a gemstone that can open to 100% of its original capacity. It raises the likelihood of achievement and luck. Additionally, it is advised if you want more life options. It will aid in easing restrictive conditions.

Elbaite group of tourmalines includes achroite. Elbaite, a sodium, lithium, and aluminum borosilicate, was first found in 1913 on the Italian island of Elba. Although achroite, the rarest type of tourmaline, is highly uncommon, there is little demand for the stone because it is rarely used in jewelry. it  is actually the most affordable kind of tourmaline. But because it is extremely uncommon for a tourmaline to exhibit no color like achroite does, collectors appreciate the stone. Actually, the word “achroite” is derived from the Greek word “achroos,” which means “without color.”

Achroite has the ability to influence the environment’s air quality. When you want “leadership” and “charisma,” choose this gemstone. The group can be controlled to get the best outcomes. Additionally, it is advised if you want to learn what it takes to become a leader.

Achroite, a fibrous type of tourmaline, can be created by heating pale pink tourmaline or it can occur naturally. A little speck of color occasionally appears inside the clear substance of achroite. If cut properly, these stones can be quite beautiful and are more valuable. Achroite can be cut in any direction because it is clear and does not exhibit the severe dichroism as the majority of tourmaline types do. According to legend, achroite is a stone that symbolizes modesty. It aids with the wearer’s development of clear perception and life knowledge. Additionally, it has been asserted that the stone’s clarity makes it easier to communicate with the angelic world.

Granite pegmatites and granites that have undergone metasomatism by boron-bearing fluids are both popular places to find achroite. Additionally, sediments around these granites and accessory minerals in schists and gneisses include the stone. Achroite and other colorful tourmalines can be found in pegmatites in California and Madagascar. The mines at Saint Austell, Cornwall, in southwest England, are the primary source of achroite. But it’s also found in Androscoggin and Oxford counties in Maine, as well as numerous places in the UK and Afghanistan.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence of Achroite

The spiritual force of achroite is beneficial. The crown chakra is opened and all other colors are synthesized by it. You are connected to other realms, particularly the dimension of celestial understanding. Any other crystal’s effects are amplified by it, but other tourmalines more so. It offers both aura protection and cleaning. It makes contact and conversation with angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides easier. It facilitates all psychic talents, including channeling. It restores equilibrium to the body and mind during a protracted illness or traumatic event. Chronic headaches, physical obstructions anywhere in the body, and throat constriction are all alleviated by it. It boosts your self-assurance. It aids in overcoming feelings of being trapped by difficulties and problems that don’t appear to have a resolution or an end in sight.



  • Stone
  • jewel
  • gem
  • bijou
  • sparkler
  • rock
  • baguette
  • diamond
  • birthstone


  • Achromatic
  • awful
  • baubles
  • bibelot
  • cheapie
  • cheapo
  • curios
  • diamond
  • gewgaws



Spanish- acroita
Greek- Αχροίτης
Latin- Achroite
French- achroïte
Portugese- Acroíta


Use cases

  • Achroite is a colorless variety of tourmaline and several persons would want to pay as much to get it.
  • Achroite has different meaning, it can be used spiritually and otherwise.
  • Achroite was also used by ancestors for spiritual reasons and some were not found after the dead of some ancestors which gave people the reason to look far and wide for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Achroite found?
The majority of achroite is untreated, but some tourmaline with a light tint may have been burned to remove color. Magnesium and manganese are typically found in stones. The stuff from the Italian island of Elba will glow. The United States, Afghanistan, Namibia, Pakistan, and Namibia are some of the best examples.

Is Achroite tourmaline rare?
An Achroite is a rare, colorless tourmaline, with clarity from transparent to translucent.

What is the rarest tourmaline color?
The rarest and most expensive tourmaline is the paraiba variety — a neon-like blue or green that is colored by traces of copper. It was first discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in 1989.

What is the best grade of tourmaline?
Bright, pure tones of red, blue and green are generally the most valued, but the electric vivid green to blue shades of copper-bearing tourmaline are so exceptional that they are in a class by themselves.

What is the rarest type of tourmaline?
Paraiba is the name of the rarest tourmaline. It is the most costly as well as being the rarest. Every few years, we come find a wonderful Paraiba. The neon-like blue and green with traces of copper are the most straightforward indicators that a tourmaline originates from Paraiba.

What is the rarest gem crystal?
The world’s most rarest crystal is referred to as musgravite. Only eight gem-quality stones were extracted in 2005. A carat of musgravite is worth close to $35,000. Its hues range from a transparent olive green to a purple-gray tone.

Video explanation on Achroite

This video will give you a further explanation on the meaning of Achroite.



Like other tourmalines, achroite is a high pressure, high temperature mineral. On the hardness scale, it is a brittle stone that ranges from 7 to 7.5. It is opaque to clear and has a vitreous gloss. Typically, it is divided into dazzling or mixed cuts. Since achroite is piezoelectric, it differs from its other tourmaline relatives. Piezoelectricity is the phenomenon whereby electrical charges or vibrations are produced at the crystal’s opposite ends when it is heated.
It is symbolic and has qualities that improve communication. It is a rare jewel to immediately understand the other side’s request and genuine introspections. It will aid in pique attention. It is also advised when you wish to gain trust as quickly as possible. It is running in a wide range of situation from “sales of work” to “making a lover”.



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