Admissible Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translations and Use cases

Admissible Meaning

Admissible Meaning

What is the meaning of Admissible? Admissible can be interchanged with words such as acceptable, allowed, allowable, permissible, permitted, or passable. Pronounced as /ədˈmɪsɪb(ə)l/

Admissible is an Adjective that is often used in the Legal profession to denote that a piece of evidence is deemed acceptable in a court of law


Medically admissible meaning

When you are medically admissible, this means that you will be admitted or accepted into the hospital or ward as a patient.

Oftentimes, this word has been used in the hospital to denote the acceptance of patients into Hospitals. deserving or able to be admitted or allowed into the hospital.


Admissible meaning in law

When they say an item or evidence is admissible in law, it means that such an item is valid or acceptable as evidence in a court of law. The jury gave the audience and listened to all of the admissible evidence. 


No ta/da is admissible meaning in urdu

When this is said, it means that no Traveling Allowance and Dearness Allowance is accepted, allowed, or permitted. Daily allowance will be admissible only for the actual night(s)


Admissible Synonyms

Words nearest in meaning to Admissible are permissible, Accepted, Allowed, allowable, permitted, or passable


Admissible Antonyms

The words opposite in meaning to Admissible are Inadmissible, Unaccepted, Unallowed, etc



In different languages and tongues, Admissible has been used in sentences to denote the same thing as acceptance, let’s see how the word Admissible is used in different translations

Chinese – 可允許的 · 可容许的 · 可接納的 · 可接纳的.

Spanish –

Latin –

French –

Admissible Use cases

Admissible can be used in several sentences both in the legal field and other professions alike. We will make a list of sentences that shows how the word Admissible is properly used

  • So, the properties of the modal operators depend on the algebraic properties of the set of admissible transformations.
  • At trial, the report itself would not be admissible as it pertained to the facts of the case.
  • The “f” value of the goal is then the length of the shortest path since “h” at the goal is zero in an admissible heuristic.
  • However, they are admissible when witnesses have conflicting testimony; unedited filming may clarify which witness is more accurate.
  • The court observed that no legally admissible evidence was found to support the allegation of the prosecution against the accused.



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Wrapping Up on Admissible meaning

Admissible Meaning: The term Admissible has been used across several professions and ethics but is predominantly connected to the Legal profession



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