In this post, we will be looking at the various escrow websites in Nigeria and how to use them to transact safely online

There are a couple of escrow websites in Nigeria that you may not have heard of or know about, we will look into that now but before then, for the sake of those who have little or no idea of what escrow is, let us shade some light towards that direction

What is Escrow in a lay man’s terms?

Escrow is a system or middleman in which transaction is done through to guarantee the safety of both parties in the transaction, though mostly to protect the Buyer

The Picture below will explain it better

How Escrow Works

360 Escrow

So, now that we have explained what escrow is, let’s proceed to our list of known escrow websites in Nigeria

List of 10 Escrow Websites in Nigeria


1. 360 Escrow

360 Escrow

360 Escrow is is a simple and intuitive escrow Platform that allows buyers and Sellers online to conduct and safe and transparent transaction without having to know nor trust each other since Trust this days are becoming more expensive

You can use the 360 Escrow platform to pay for about anything, from PayPal funds down to selling of your Social Media Page and Groups

2. Payscrow


According to their website, Payscrow is said to be a trusted and reliable escrow system in Nigeria and Africa

The list of their Services is Payscrow for Buyers, Payscrow for Sellers, and Payscrow for Social Commerce.

You can learn more about their offerings on their Official Website

3. Secapay 


Secapay is another Escrow website that we found when compiling our list of Escrow websites in Nigeria

Secapay claims to provide a secure platform for users to buy and sell online securely

Secapay says that Users of the age 18 and above, Agents, and Businesses are the core beneficiaries of the platform

They have a link to their Apps on the Playstore but clicking the link takes you to a 404 page on the play store which means the app doesn’t exist, at least as of the time of this writing

4. Lock My Cash

Lock My Cash

Lock My Cash as the name implies is an escrow platform that helps you lock up your cash till a successful satisfying transaction is met from both ends

LockMyCash provides an online escrow service that protects buyers and sellers from fraud during transactions by acting as a trusted third-party that collects and holds payments from a buyer and release this payment to the seller when the buyer is satisfied or based on agreements.

You can use Lock My Cash to

  1. Pay for Goods
  2. Pay for Domain Transfer
  3. Pay for Me
  4. Pay Contractors

Lock My Cash fees

Our fees are explained in the table below;

Transaction Cost (NGN)FeeFee Cap (NGN)
Less than 9,9997%600
10,000 – 49,9995.5%2000
50,000 – 149,9993.6%3500
Greater than 149,9992.5%5000

Minimum fee: N200.00

Fee Cap: The maximum we would charge on a transaction. For example, a transaction that costs N9,000 by the rate table above we should charge 7% of N9,000 which is N630.00, but we have a cap set at N600. That implies we would charge you N600 instead of N630, we would never charge you more than the fee cap for the corresponding transaction cost. That’s all!

Minimum fee

This implies we would not charge below N200.00. For example, a transaction that costs N2,000 should attract a fee of N140.00 (7% of N2000.00) but we would charge N200. We can’t charge less than N200.00.

5. Trade Naira



TradeNAIRA reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds, and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

6. Middle Trust


Middletrust wants you to take charge of your everyday transaction using their N10,000,000 insurance on transactions escrow website

They have diverse Escrow options

  1. Goods Escrow: The usage of Escrow when buying Goods from untrusted sources or from strangers.
  2. Services Escrow: Paying through Escrow to Service providers and only release payment when you are satisfied with their deliverables
  3. Loan Escrow: Escrow your Lending and loans to anyone with the Escrow platform and ensure to get your money back at the appropriate time
  4. Cryptocurrency Escrow: Buy, Sell and Trade any type of Cryptocurrency without the fear of losing your money when you use the escrow platform to facilitate all transactions
  5. Vehicle Escrow: In your Purchase deal, use escrow to pay for the vehicle, anywhere, anytime, and be assured of timely delivery of your Vehicle without issues
  6. Real Estate Escrow: Pay for Properties without the fear of fraud using the escrow platform
  7. Vault Escrow: Vault or store your extra cash with the escrow website and get paid for storing your funds in the Vault
  8. Enterprise-Grade Escrow: With the Robust API, you can build and extend the escrow functionality in your App or applications
  9. Domain Name Escrow: Buy and sell domain names online using an easy to use an escrow system that is modern and state of the art
  10. Payroll Escrow: Pay your employees ahead of time with the Employee Payroll escrow and get them motivated to work when they see their alert at the beginning of the month


7. Vesicash


Vesicash does not want anyone to be a victim of fraud reason they brought in payment security for Businesses and Individuals across the African Continent

According to their official website, they claim to have  patented escrow infrastructure that catalyzes the digital economy

Some of their products are

  1. Trizact
  2. Instant Escrow
  3. Woocommerce Plugin

They also have a WordPress Woocommerce Plugin called Vesicash Escrow Plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to receive escrow payments directly from your WooCommerce store and WordPress marketplaces

Woocommerce WordPress Escrow Plugin

Vesicash provides a secure, instant, digital escrow payment option for your website, marketplace, and classifieds so that you can do your business seamlessly and not worry about chargebacks, ever.

Vesicash Escrow is important in situations where buyers and sellers do not know or trust each other and need a way to guarantee payment security for their transaction.

This plugin allows you to add Vesicash Escrow as a payment option on your checkout page in WooCommerce.

You can download the Plugin Below

Download Plugin


8. Trust Mate Escrow

Trustmate Escrow

We’re TrustMate Escrow, third-party payment protection against scams!
Never buy, sell, or pay for anything without using TrustMate. Protect your money and pay risk-free through TrustMate Escrow!

They have both iOS and Android App on the Play store

Download Android App | Download iOS App

9. Stanbic IBTC Bank Escrow

Stanbic Escrow

Reduce the risk of fraud when buying or selling with Escrow. As a buyer, you can safeguard your funds in an Escrow Account until the seller delivers what was promised. As a seller, you can have peace of mind as the trade will only start once the buyer has the agreed funds.

Swift and Cost-Effective Escrow from a well known Financial Institution: Registration is free and the Escrow fee is as low as R115. Our digital service also ensures a fast process


We have come to the end of our list of Escrow websites in Nigeria and we believe that you now have enough resources to decide which works for you

From time to time, we will keep checking, if any other Escrow website pops up, we will add them up to our list

In the meantime, if you know of any that we have not added to the list, please kindly indicate same in the comment section and we will update it
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