CAVU Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translation, Use Cases

CAVU Meaning

Have you ever heard of the word “CAVU”? Well, here in this article I will be discussing CAVU meaning, its relations to aeronautics and aviation, synonyms, antonyms and also how to comfortably use the word in sentences.


CAVU Meaning

First off, CAVU is not a word, it’s an acronym. These are the CAVU meanings or abbreviations of the acronym

1. CAVU (aeronautics.)

  • Mostly used by pilots as some sort of slang to illustrate things that are loved or craved for.

Example: “Today is an excellent day for flying… CAVU all the way.”

2. CAVU acronym (aviation) – Clear Above Visibility Unrestricted

  • This is a term in aviation that indicates an altitude of at least 10,000 feet and visibility of at least 10 miles. Mostly it is used to illustrate ideal flying conditions.

CAVU Meaning In Aviation

In 1997, the United States Aviation built and developed an American high-wing, light-weight aircraft. This was designed and produced by Aerodreams, a company in Manchester.

Its features are a single-seat, strut-braced, single engine, open cockpit in pusher configuration. The aircraft were supplied and made for amateur construction.


Ultimately, it was named the US Aviation CAVU and its design goals were pretty simple. An inexpensive aircraft, achieving good performance with a small and low-cost engine.

The aircraft made from aluminium tubing, wood and fabric has a fuselage built on an aluminium tube. This supports the tail as well as the pilot’s seat.

The CAVU maxes at 52 mph (84 km/h). Acceptable engines can range in power from 22 to 30 HP (16 to 22 kW).


CAVOKhyphenation: kav‧oh‧kay

  1. (Aviation) Acronym of ceiling (or clouds) and visibility  It is a weather report for pilots when the visibility is clear from 10 kilometers away. The clouds are not below 5000 feet, which is the minimum sector altitude.  And there is no current or forecast significant weather such as precipitation. Its almost similar to CAVU but the difference is in altitude.



What are the opposites in meaning to the acronym CAVU? Here are some of the few.

  • Low altitude
  • Un-ideal flying conditions
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Invisibility
  • Latency



The acronym CAVU can be translated into several languages. Listed below are some of these translations of CAVU meaning in other languages;

Arabic: كافو

Russian: КАВУ

Spanish: CAVÚ

As this word is an acronym, there are not many translations out there.


Use Cases

  • During one of their flying lessons, the pilots were taught about CAVU meaning and how to apply it in the airspace.
  • With the minimum Zenoah G-25 engine, the CAVU aircraft can comfortably cruise at 56mph on an average.
  • In order to get the meaning of CAVU, you’ll have to read this article to the very end.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word CAVU mean?

CAVU as explained earlier is Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. It is an aviation term.

When was the first CAVU airplane built?

The first CAVU airplane was built and developed by Aerodreams in 1997. Its first model was completed in the year 1998. Eventually, it was marketed by US Aviation of St Paul, Minnesota under their brand name.

What is a homebuilt aircraft?

Also known as an amateur aircraft or kit planes. They are mainly created by individuals who are professionals. The first US Aviation CAVU was originally built as a kit plane for construction.

Wrapping Up

I hope I have been able to shed more light on CAVU meaning, its synonyms and antonyms.

CAVU as an abbreviation means Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited. In Aviation Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted  indicates a ceiling of at least 10,000 feet and visibility of at least 10 miles; ideal flying conditions.

If you have any recommendations or insights, don’t hesitate to share same in the comment section.

CAVU Explanation (Video)



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