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Charter Flight

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Charter Flight (ˈtʃɑːtə flaɪt ) NOUN

A charter flight is a booked flight that is not part of an airline’s published schedule.

Charted flight can also be referred to as the movement of an aircraft transporting the charterer’s passengers, baggage, or goods from the point of takeoff to the first point of landing thereafter.

In aviation, a charter flight is a flight that is not included in an airway scheduled flight.

They are operated for specific unscheduled trips. Examples of charter flights include public charters, special event tours, affinity (pro rata) charters, and single-entity charters.

A charted flight is one that is convenient and gives the passenger total control over that flight.

Charter flights play many essential and vital roles in the aviation industry across the globe, providing useful and convenient services for travelers, and contributing to the economy’s growth.

Synonyms: air dash, air charterer, charter aircraft, charter flights, charter group, charter services, chartered aircraft, chartered flight, chartered flights, chartered plane, flights chartered, hire, hiring, lease, leasing, rent, rental, renting, booking, reservation, reserving, engaging, engagement, bespeaking, code, constitution, contract, document, license, pact, permit, settlement, allotment, bond, concession.

Antonyms: scheduled flight, published schedule, uncharted flight.



french – vol nolisé

Spanish – vuelo charter

Italy – volo charter

lain –  carta fuga


Use cases

  • The quoted charter price includes charter air transportation for the charter flight and all applicable taxes included.
  • The Passenger handles all incidental expenses incurred during the charter flight.
  • The quotation is based upon the charter flight only requiring a three-pilot crew.

Frequently asked questions

A regular flight or scheduled flight are flight that tickets are sold through various sales channels around the world, while a Charter flight are flight bought from the airline for specific reasons or a specific individual for his own convenience.

The largest Charter airline in the world?

Thomsonfly, First Choice Airways, and ThomsonAirways newly called TUI Airways Limited which offers scheduled and charter flights for individuals in the United Kingdom and Ireland to various places in Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe, is the world’s largest charter airline carrying 11.8 million in 2019. TUI Airways is the fourth largest UK airline by total passengers carried. And ranks as the tenth largest airline by the number of route pairings served in the world.


Charter from the dictionary meaning, tells us the term means to rent or lease out in an agreement. So we’ll say charter flight means to rent out a plane or an airline that operates based on rent or lease flights.

It comes in handy as it provides conveniences to the traveler and gives the traveler total control of the flight. The common types of charter flights include public charters, special event tours, affinity (pro rata) charters, and single-entity charters.

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