Clearance; Meaning, Synonyms and Use Cases


Clearance; Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translation and Use Cases


Clearance; (noun)  Amer.  |ˈklɪrəns|  Brit.  |ˈklɪər(ə)ns| [countable, uncountable] the process of removing things that are not wanted

forest clearances

slum clearance (= the process of removing houses that are in very bad condition in an area of a town)

[uncountable, countable] the amount of space or distance that is needed between two objects so that they do not touch each other

Other Meaning

  •       the space between two things, or the distance by which one object clears the other.
  •       a vertical area that allows for easy passage under anything (also known as headroom or headway)
  •       the process of clearing something up or dispersing it




Seal of approval, permission, consent, and blessing, acceptance Leave, liberty, dispensation, acquiescence, consent, endorsement, imprimatur, permission, the light of day, the green light, the approval, the nod, and the thumbs up, the gap, allowance, separation, clearing.


denial, refusal, rejection, revocation, taboo (also tabu), injunction, veto, deterrence, discouragement, repression, suppression, ban, embargo, exclusion, interdiction, prohibition, proscription


“Making clear” (1560s), from clear (v.) + -ance. Since 1788, it has meant “a clear place.” In American English, the meaning “clearance, permission” (particularly to land or take off an airplane) first appeared in 1944; the national security sense first appeared in 1948.

 Spanish: autorización

Dutch: opruiming

Arabic: تخليص

Chinese: 清除 (Qīngchú)


Use Cases

  •       She can view the sensitive information since she has a security clearance.


  •       The plane has not been given permission to land yet.


  •       There was only 10 inches of authorization between the car and the side of the tunnel.


  •       Councilor Vianney suggested an update to his plan, requesting that Princewill approve its contents.


  •       The technology enables you to lift the truck for more ground authorization and lower it to make entering and exiting the truck easier.


  •       There was no security clearance for Divine.


  •       The goal was caused by Richy Richard’s hasty clearing, which allowed Amba to drive right on top of our defense.


  •       The ship’s sides and the wharf were separated by less than a foot.


  •       If you cross these bridges with the proper tide, there is a 50 cm authorization above the laden barge.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four types of clearance?

Confidential, secret, top secret, and sensitive compartmented information are the four primary classifications of security approvals for positions involving national security.

Access to information that, if disclosed without authorization, could harm national security is made possible by this kind of security clearance.


What is the purpose of clearance?

A security clearance’s main function is to grant access to confidential national security information.


What does clearance mean for a job?

A background check is comparable to a security clearance. It is necessary for people hired for positions with the US government or any company that deals with data related to national security.

Your capacity to securely access, manage, and protect sensitive information is guaranteed by the security approval procedure.




The term “clearance” refers to the body’s capacity to eliminate a substance by either metabolism or excretion. 

The proportionality constant between the rate of drug removal and the drug concentration is known as clearance. 

To demonstrate that you have no criminal history dating back to the beginning of your stay in a country, police approval is necessary. 

Whether you follow the law or not, it affirms your character as a person. 

Sales are intended to draw customers into the business, whereas approvals are intended to help sell surplus stock so that room may be made for fresh stock.





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