E-Recruitment meaning, synonyms, antonyms, translation and use cases

Have you ever heard of the word E-Recruitment? If not, in today’s word for the day, we will be highlighting the meaning of E-Recruitment, its synonyms, antonyms, translation, and use cases.

Beyond that, we will look at its advantages, elements, and disadvantages.


E-recruitment, also known as online recruitment, refers to the use of web-based technology for the various processes of attracting, assessing, selecting, recruiting, and onboarding job candidates.

It is the process of hiring potential candidates for vacant job positions, using electronic resources, particularly the internet.

E-Recruitment process connects organizations with potential employees through the use of technology, and it has changed how employers and employees interact. Employers can use it to post job openings and search resumes electronically, and employees can use it to submit applications and resumes electronically, search job postings, and receive job alerts.

E-recruitment elements

Applicant tracking: Candidate status concerning the positions applied by him/her

Employer’s website: Provides details of open positions and collecst information for the equivalent

Job boards: convey work commercials from businesses and offices

Online testing: An assessment of up-and-comers over Web of some sort

Social media: fast connect with possible competitors


Advantages of E-Recruitment

  • practical as it’s by and large free and it limits work cost
  • arrives at greater audiance, as the client can focus on a far more extensive crowd without paying extra
  • easy to use
  • empowers dynamic substance making client’s adds more interesting to work searchers
  • shortenes employing process
  • promptness on the grounds that most posts and answers show up progressively

Disadvantages of E-Recruitment

  • not suitable for senior positions where the pool of planned applicants is a lot of lower
  • high volume of reactions, including an enormous number of inadmissible applicants
  • innovation gives that comes from normalizing the application interaction
  • excessively unoriginal


internet recruitment
online recruiting
Cyber Recruiting


off-line Recruitment

First Known Use

E-Recruitment first originated in 1995–2000


Spanish- Reclutamiento electrónico
Greek- Ηλεκτρονική Πρόσληψη
Latin- E-Cooptatio
French- E-recrutement
Portugese- E-Recrutamento

Use Cases

  • Our partners are experts in e-recruitment, software engineers, and computational language specialists.
  • At the same time, there has likewise been a peaceful transformation in the e-recruitment of instructors.
  • E-recruitment specialists have the following best, then, at that point, analysts, publicizing staff, and bookkeepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why e-recruitment is important to an organization?

it is the future, and organizations should take on it since it permits them to stay important and have the option to arrive at youthful ability.

It likewise makes the method involved with finding the right representatives significantly more powerful, simple, and quick, which is something any organization can profit from.

What is SAP e-recruitment?
SAP E-Recruiting has Recruited and progression arranging instruments that will assist your organization with tracking down new workers, utilize them in places that suit their abilities, advance their expert turn of events, and hold them in the long haul.

What are the sources of e-recruitment?

  • Internet ad campaigns
  • Company website
  • Online job sites
  • Dedicated contact sourcing
  • Social media
  • Implement pre-screening tools and skills assessments

Video Explaining E-Recruitment

This video will give you a further explanation of the meaning of e-recruitment, its advantages and disadvantages.



E-Recruitment incorporates the whole course of tracking down the imminent competitors, surveying, talking with and recruiting them, according to the job prerequisite. Through this, the recruitment is done all the more really and effectively.

For the most part, the work opportunities are publicized on the internet (www), where the candidates join their CV or resume, to get perceived by the expected enrollment specialists or the businesses.




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