Buying things online these days are becoming scary as you do not know who is on the other side of the PC claiming to be genuine and trustworthy.
They will tell you to trust them and send your hard-earned money to them or maybe your hard earn online Business, PayPal funds, AdSense account or whatever might be in your possession. Do not yield to such request without using an escrow service to protect your interest.
It is simple to use, fast and reliable.


  •   You and the Buyer will first agree to terms of using 360 escrow and the worth of the product or service
  •   The buyer will log in to his 360 escrow account and make payment through the escrow engine using Paystack or PayPal
  •   Then you deliver the goods or service to the Buyer once you confirm escrowed payment
  •   The buyer will confirm your goods or service to be what he wanted and in good shape
  •   360 releases payment to the Seller and both parties are safe and happy