Final Approach; Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translation and Use Cases

Final Approach


Throughout each stage of the final approach, pilots take safety precautions. Passengers can feel the jet step down as it lowers its height to the ground.

You may be wondering what is happening. That is the Final approach of the plane. 

In this article, I will tell you it’s meaning, synonyms, antonyms, how and when the word can be used.


Final Approach /ˈfaɪnl UHprOHch/ is the alignment of the aircraft with the runway when descending for landing.

 It’s the last leg of an aircraft’s approach to landing, in the field of aviation.


Other Meanings

  • It is the final phase of a landing before touchdown, which involves descending in the runway’s direction.
  • It is the period of flight that begins as the aircraft approaches the runway threshold and finishes as the flight crew makes its descent to land.
  • It is a plane’s flight path when it is heading straight to a runway for landing.
  • This is the last leg of a flight before a plane lands at an airport



Finals, round two, slam dunk plan, closing line, finishing attitude, concluding style, absolute slant, round up approach, last advance.


Beginning departure, commencing exit, continuing distancing, first exit, inconclusive landing, interim approach, introductory exit, opening departure.



There are so many translations to the word but under this context, I will translate it in some popular world languages.

Hindi: आखरी पहूँच (aakharee pahoonch)

Italian: approccio finale

Swahili: mbinu ya mwisho

Chinese: 最后的方法 (Zuìhòu de fāngfǎ)


Use Cases

  • His international flight is approaching Detroit on final approach.


  • The final approach track of landing aircraft, which must be in alignment with the runway centerline, cannot be changed.


  • A minimum height of 2,500 feet is required for an aircraft to join the final draw near during daytime operations, which is eight miles from the runway threshold.


  • The new projection of the airways or corridors that airplanes fly along, regardless of the final approach technology used, has, in my judgment, become permanent.


Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a plane be on final approach?

Depending on the operator, the corresponding point used on the final reaching is typically 500 feet aal or 1,000 feet aal. Depending on the circumstances, some operators may specify both, for example, 500 feet aal may be utilized during VMC but must be extended to 1,000 feet aal during IMC.

How do pilots know when to descend?

Based on the wind and air traffic, pilots arrange the descent rate. In collaboration with air traffic control, the descent is carried out with enough space to descend and align with the correct runway.


What do we mean by the final approach segment?

Typically, the final landing segment starts at the FAF/FAP and finishes at the missed approach point (MAP). Here, the landing’s alignment and descent are made. Final reaching may be performed to an aerodrome for a visual maneuver or to a runway for a straight-in landing.



In conclusion, this is a flight route from the base leg to the runway that descends following the extended runway centerline in the direction of landing.

When an aircraft reaches the final straight-in portion of the landing pattern, aligned with the extended centerline of the runway, requiring no further crosswinds or maneuvers, it is said to be on final approach.








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