Hospital Bed, Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Use Cases

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Hospital bed is a bed created especially for people who need medical attention, whether or not they are hospitalized. These beds include unique characteristics for the patient’s comfort and well-being and the convenience of healthcare professionals.

These beds include unique characteristics for the patient’s comfort and well-being and the convenience of healthcare professionals. The entire bed, the head, and the feet may all be adjusted in height. Side rails can also be adjusted, and electronic buttons can control the bed and other nearby electrical devices.

Besides being used in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health care, hospital beds and other comparable types of beds, such as nursing care beds, are also utilized in other healthcare settings.


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French – Lit d’hôpital

German – Krankenhausbett

Latin – Hospitium cubile

Italian – Letto d’ospedale

Spanish – Cama de hospital

Use cases

  • A hospital bed must be ready in case of an emergency and the medical staff must always be on call.
  • The goal is to get the patient out of an acute hospital bed while they receive rehabilitation before being released.
  • All other potential variables, including an index of the price per hospital bed-day, had coefficients that were not statistically important, so they were left out of the models.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you need a special mattress for a hospital bed?

A specific mattress is required for hospital beds, so the answer is yes. We do not intend regular mattresses to be used with adjustable bed frames. A mattress made for a hospital bed is more hygienic and can be cleaned and sanitized with ease.

What size bed is a hospital bed?

36” x 80”

It is simple to get the correct mattress for your bed because it is also a common hospital bed size of 36″ x 80″. The bed frame on some hospital beds, such as the Invacare CS7, can be extended to 84″ in length.

Is a hospital bed a twin bed?

Hospital mattresses are unique and not commonly found elsewhere.

A mattress must be 39 inches by 80 inches in size, or Twin XL, in order to fit into a hospital bed. Other common mattress sizes will not meet these size requirements; twin mattresses, for instance, typically measure 39 inches by 75 inches, leaving a lot of space at the ends.

Is a hospital bed a twin bed?

What are the benefits of a hospital bed?

  • easier relocation for family members.
  • The bed’s head and foot can be adjusted.
  • easier to enter and exit the bed.
  • safeguards for caregivers.
  • helpful accouterments.

Video Explanation

The video below explains hospital beds and How to make hospital beds.



The hospital bed is a bed with adjustable side rails and a mattress foundation with three jointed parts that allow the head, foot, or middle to be elevated by a crank or motor, allowing a patient to lie in various positions for comfort or therapy. While “hospital bed” can refer to the actual bed, the term “bed” is also used to show the amount of space in a healthcare facility because the facility’s capacity is measured in “beds” that are available.




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