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legal Assistant

Have you ever wondered who a legal assistant is? well, In today’s Word for the day, we will look at the Legal Assistant, its Meaning, its synonyms, Antonyms, Translations, and use cases.

Beyond that, we will also highlight their duties so that when deciding whether to add a legal assistant to your team, you may make better choices if you are better aware of what they can actually offer.


A legal assistant is a person being supervised by a lawyer who is competent via education, training, or work experience to carry out substantial legal work that causes legal concept understanding and is typically, but not only, done by a lawyer.

Their specific roles and responsibilities might change based on the demands of particular law practices.

However, according to the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), they are those whose work output includes administrative and secretarial chores that help an attorney, some of which overlap with paralegal duties. 

If the person has the education and expertise, these paralegal duties also involve conducting legal research.

They collaborate closely with lawyers to handle sometimes-consuming administrative tasks that hinder lawyers’ productivity and efficiency.

They support lawyers with various tasks, including drafting and reviewing documents, conducting legal research, communicating with clients, organizing and maintaining files, and preparing hearings, trials, and meetings.

A high school diploma is necessary to work as a legal assistant, and most them have an associate’s degree or paralegal studies certification. They often have excellent organizational and attention-to-detail skills, as well as great communication abilities.



legitimate lieutenant, lawful partner, legal secretary, presidential assistant, paralegal, paraprofessional, and special adviser.


Illegitimate lieutenant, Illegal secretary,


First Known Use

The professional history of many LDAs descended from that of the scribe or scrivener

Between the late 1970s and 1994, the words “legal scrivener” and “independent paralegal” were often used in the US. President Bill Clinton ratified the Bankruptcy Reform Act that year. 

It introduced the phrase “bankruptcy petition preparation” and prohibited the use of the word “legal” to characterize the services offered by non-attorney document preparers. 

Many of US LDAs who aided with bankruptcies were compelled to look for new words to define their line of work.



Spanish- Asistente legal

Greek- νομικός βοηθός(nomikós voithós)

Portugese- Assistente lega

Use Cases

  • New Haven, A legal assistant from Canada has won the 2011 Yale Drama Series award for emerging playwrights.
  • This is just the biggest scare tactic ever to persuade people not to vote, says Victor, a retired legal assistant.
  • After college, I worked in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department as a legal assistant.
  • The jury listened to all the admissible evidence and gave them to the legal Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a legal assistant do?

When a lawyer is unavailable to do so, they perform legal research and writes papers, emails, and signatures on their behalf.

They are to aid attorneys and facilitating their work by managing administrative duties.


How much money can a legal assistant make in total?

Depending on education and experience levels, they might make between $32,900 and $85,160 annually.


What distinguishes a paralegal from a legal assistant?

Since they are certified to advise customers on legal matters, paralegals work more closely with the law than legal assistants.

They are not permitted to provide legal advice; instead, they do more administrative duties, much like a secretary might.


Are legal assistants labor-intensive?

To aid with cases, connect with clients, and keep the office operating efficiently, lawyers significantly rely on legal assist. 

It’s a hectic, difficult profession that plays a crucial part in our judicial system.


While working on behalf of attorneys, legal assist mostly perform administrative support duties. This divergence is more important than it initially appears. 

Their value may add to a law practice may be lost by companies that cannot acknowledge the special functions that they play.


Video explaining who a legal assistant is and their duties (video)




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