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legal document

In today’s word for the day, we’ll be looking at the word Legal document, taking a look at what it takes to make a document valid and ready to be used legally as an agreement between two parties, Its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, translation, and use cases.


A legal document we’ll say by definition is a document with legal value and outlines an agreement between two parties, that has been signed by mutual assent and in all other respects can be relied upon in court.

A legal document can still mean a document that is other than a will, conferring, limiting, transferring, charging, extinguishing, purporting to confer, transferring, limiting, extinguishing a right, title, or an interest in a property.

They can come in form of a document that is movable or immovable. Including a letter showing that legal proceedings may be brought against the person to whom the letter is addressed or any other person.

This document can also come as a written document of a legal nature, regardless of whether the document is in hard copy or electronic format.

If they come in an electronic format, as contemplated by the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, they can include but are not limited to: notices, formal pleadings, documents in relation to Legal Proceedings, contracts, opinions, briefs to counsel, notices, letters, power of attorney, correspondence, acknowledgment of debts, security instruments, and conveyancing documents.



Legal instrument, lawful document, official document, valid instrument, written document, legitimate affirm, Legal support, Legal source, legal act, Legal confirm, Legal sustain, Legal substantiate


Illegal document, illegitimate document, invalid source, unacceptable document, illegal act, unlawful support, illicit document, ban, banning, clusterfuck, denial, deny, disallowance, disapproval, embargo, forbidding, prohibition, refusal, rejection, restriction, veto.


Latin – Documentum legale

Spanish – documento legal

French – document légal

Dutch – legaal document

Use case

  • the legal assistant vetted a twenty-four-page legal document that was considered as admissible evidence used to file a case against Dr. Robert.
  • William has with him two of the eviction notices given to him over the past four months, which is a cold and cruelly worded legal document.
  • Frederick’s major problem is majorly how to distinguish between ethically justifiable tests and improper tests in a legal document which is necessarily very general and inflexible.

Frequently asked question

Full meaning of Legal?

Having a formal status derived from the law that is recognized and effective in the court without a basis in actual fact.

legal proceeding meaning?

Legal proceeding is an action that seeks to invoke the power of a tribunal in order to enforce a law or settle a dispute.



A legal document is a legal term, attributed to a document that formally expresses a legally enforceable act, process, contractual duty, obligation, agreement, and right.

When there is a breach of this agreement, one of the basic advantages of a legal document is that it comes as a legally binding agreement, giving the court the right to exercise a civil law jurisdiction, and imposing a penalty on the faulty party.


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