VeryDarkMan Unveils Allegations Against Mr Ibu’s Spouse, Uncovering Her Request for iPhone 15, Vehicle

Nigerian activist, VeryDarkMan, known for his controversial views, has recently expressed his opinion on the ongoing dispute involving Nollywood actor Mr Ibu’s wife and adopted daughter, Jasmine.

In a recently released video, VeryDarkMan sheds light on the situation, revealing that Mr Ibu’s wife had allegedly begun making excessive demands from the funds that had been donated for Mr Ibu’s treatment.

According to the activist, these demands included a car, the latest iPhone model (iPhone 15), funds for a buttock enhancement surgery, and more.

In a recent social media post, Vincent Martins Otse, also known as VeryDarkMan, has exposed the wife of popular Nigerian actor John Okafor, also known as Mr Ibu.

The drama began when Stellamaris Okafor, Mr Ibu’s wife, accused a stranger named Jasmine of interfering in their family affairs, causing a stir on social media. VeryDarkMan, who had previously campaigned for funds for Mr Ibu’s health issues, expressed his thoughts on the matter.

He stated that he does not aspire to marry a woman like Mr Ibu’s wife and went on to explain how her priorities seem to be more focused on material possessions rather than her husband’s well-being.

In the viral video, VeryDarkMan revealed that Mr Ibu’s wife had misappropriated funds intended for her ill husband. According to him, a man visited the hospital to see the ailing actor, but his wife initially refused to let him in, claiming he did not want visitors.

Eventually, she allowed the man inside, who wished to donate money. However, Mr Ibu’s wife stated that the general crowdfunding account was not working and asked the man to send the funds to her personal account instead.

The man, therefore, sent N1 million to Mr Ibu’s wife, but he shared the bank receipt with the actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, which uncovered the donation.

Furthermore, VeryDarkMan disclosed that the actor’s wife had instructed him to sell his house in Ajah for N44 million and demanded a minimum of N25 million from the proceeds.

The dark man also alleged that Mr Ibu had once left their spacious house to seek refuge in a friend’s one-bedroom apartment in Ibadan, just to escape from his wife.

In the viral video, the online activist shared a story about being present at the hospital when the doctors were considering a surgery for Mr Ibu, even before the actor’s leg was amputated.

However, they needed a family member to give permission, and Mr Ibu’s wife was hesitant to sign because she feared being blamed if something went wrong. Instead, she suggested that Jasmine should sign.

Recently, VeryDarkMan addressed Mr Ibu’s wife’s accusation that Jasmine was in control of the public donations. The activist clarified that Jasmine does not have control over the account; in fact, it is Mr Ibu’s second son who is in charge.

VeryDarkMan revealed that the actor had informed the DPO of Ajah police station that his son would manage the account, not his wife Stellamaris.

The online activist further alleged that once the donations had reached N40 million, Jasmine received a call from Mr Ibu’s wife’s brother instructing them to divide the money into four equal parts among himself, Mr Ibu’s wife, Jasmine, and her.

DarkMan strongly criticized the actor’s wife for her continuous demands for material possessions like an iPhone 15, money for cosmetic surgery, a car, and more, ever since the donations began pouring in from the Nigerian public.

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