Operating limitations, Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Use Cases

In today’s word for the day, we’ll be looking at the phrase ”operating limitations”, its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and use cases.


Operating limitations (OL) refer to the craft’s handling, controllability, and performance restrictions and the operational guidelines the craft must follow.

For operating limitations to be followed, the following airplane flight manual must include the following airspeed limitation:

  • maximum operational speed VMO/MMO, along with a warning that the pilot may not purposefully exceed it during any phase of flight (climb, cruising, or descent), unless a greater speed is approved for a flight test or pilot training.
  • If an airspeed restriction is based on compressibility effects, this should be stated, together with any symptoms, the likely behavior of the aircraft, and the suggested recovery techniques.
  • The airspeed limitations are displayed using VMO/MMO units rather than VNO and VNE.


operating control, operating obstruction, operating reservation, and operating restriction


operating allowance, operating help, operating permission, operating extent, operating range, and operating release.


French – limites de fonctionnement

German РBetriebsbeschränkungen

Italian – limitazioni operative

Spanish – limitaciones operativas

Latin – limitations operating

Use Cases

  • Flight crews must be able to detect how operating Limitations (such as time limits and minimum equipment requirements) differ across and within navigation parameters so they can make plans.
  • Operating limitations (such as those brought on by technical issues or power outages) do not allow the customer to get¬†a refund or compensation for any harm or damage brought on by a circumstance beyond their control, such as wind and weather effects, avalanche hazard, strikes, or official orders.
  • The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) found that the pilot in command (PIC) had allowed the aircraft to be loaded past its safe operating limitations, which resulted in the crash.
  • Golf carts were originally Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), but these vehicles had several operating limitations, including a high top speed and strict rules about the streets on which they may be driven.

Frequently asked question

Where do you find operating limitations?

We specify operating limitations in the AFMs and Type Certificate Data Sheet, along with the cockpit instrument markings and other panel and flight control placards.

What are operating limitations aviation?

A few of the limitation areas are Airspeed, Powertrain, weight and cargo distribution, and flight. Airspeed. Airspeed limitations are colored-coded on the airspeed indicator (ASI) and displayed on signs or graphs inside the aircraft.

Where are operating limitations be found?

The most recent FAA-approved flight manual approved manual content, markings, and placards, or any combination thereof will list an airplane’s operating restrictions.

What are the limitations of light sport aircraft?

Any certificated aircraft (such as Experimental, Special-Light Sport, Primary, and Standard) that satisfies the following definition is a light sport aircraft:

  • Maximum takeoff weight of 660 pounds (300 kilograms) or less for lighter-than-air vehicles; 1,320 pounds (600 kilograms) for vehicles not designed for use on water; or 1,430 pounds (650 kilograms) for vehicles designed for use on the water.
  • A glider’s maximum never-exceed speed (VNE) is limited to 120 knots CAS.
  • A top airspeed in level flight with a top continuous power (VH) of only 120 knots CAS in typical atmospheric circumstances at sea level.

What is operational multi pilot limitation?

OPERATIONAL MULTI-PILOT LIMITATION (OML) The operator must make sure that pilots who have an OML on their medical certificates can only fly in multi-pilot operations when the other pilot is fully qualified on the aircraft type, and is not subject to an O.M.L and is under the age of 60.


Video Explanation

The video below explains operating limitations.



Operating Limitations are limitations on maneuvers, flying load factors, speeds, and other parameters published by aircraft manufacturers. Printed in the limitations section of the aircraft flight manual and displayed as placards within the aircraft.

Operating limitations include a variety of fascinating things. For instance, they specify the precise language you must use to sign off from Phase 1 and move the aircraft into Phase 2.

Although each aircraft share a lot, operating limitations are particular to each aircraft, so you can’t just assume that yours and your neighbors are the same. The instructions followed by FAA inspectors and DARs have changed over time, and those changes have resulted in modifications to the standard.




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