10 Top Sites For Free Email Templates & 5 Tips For Crafting Top-notch Newsletters

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This article will be featuring the 10 top sites for free email templates and 5 awesome tips for crafting top-notch newsletters.

Let’s face it. Designing emails from scratch is no pushover. Luckily, there are many free email templates out there to make the process so much easier and faster.

Using an email template allows you to make top-notch responsive design emails without the stress of writing all the code yourself. That means you won’t have to be frustrated at 3 AM after failing to get your email HTML to render correctly.

Now, all you have to do with an email template is change the branding elements and content to match your brand. Plus, you’ll be 100% certain that the email will render correctly on different screen sizes with a responsive email template.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the top sites for free responsive email templates.


Top Sites For Free Email Templates

The following are the best sites for free email templates:

1. BeeFree.io

BEE stands for "Best Email Editor". That's the go-getting goal that they set for this project.

Made with lots of enthusiasm between the United States and Italy, BEE is used both online at beefree.io and embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications.

BEE aims to be the best drag--drop email builder for creating mobile-responsive emails, fast and easily, anywhere.

BEE was born from the proficiency of the MailUp team - in business for more than 15 years, it is a major email service provider with more than 10,000 paying customers in over 50 countries.

2. Unlayer

Unlayer is the best drag drop editor for designing mobile responsive emails and landing pages. Use it online or embed it in your application.

Unlayer is built by a team of passionate engineers based in San Francisco, California. They started as an internal tool in 2015 and then became available for the public in 2016.

Their technology is presently embedded in hundreds of SaaS applications, CRMs, and internal tools. It is used by hundreds of thousands of end-users every day to create beautiful emails and landing pages.

Unlayer is used by many different companies — big and small. Some use it as an internal tool whereas others as a public email/page builder for their end-users.

3. Stripo

Stripo offers many free email newsletter templates divided into many industries/categories, like types, industries, and seasons.

They provide their customers with prebuilt email templates for all types of event-triggered emails, legal, and business services, promo emails, and many others.

Here, you will find the HTML email template that satisfies your requirements and fully meets your taste.

The following makes Stripo a top-notch site for email templates:

  • Responsive Email Design
  • Drag-n-drop and HTML code editors in one
  • Email banner generator
  • Smart-elements for email production automation
  • Content Modules library to let you build emails just by pulling prebuilt email elements
  • Interactive and AMP-powered emails
  • Stripo ESP integrations

4. Litmus

Litmus provides the leading email workflow and collaboration platform for marketers.

From Pre-Send campaign development and testing that deliver more subscriber engagement and better collaboration across teams and technologies to Post-Send insights for future program optimization, this site helps improve Performance that can impact all marketing channels.

Backed by Spectrum Equity, they are used by major global brands across every industry that trust its platform to make their email.

5. 99Designs

99designs is the go-to graphic design service by Vistaprint.

They make it easy to work with professional, artistic experts from around the world and build your brand through custom, memorable design.

Their tried-and-true creative process makes design magic. With their global community that loves to collaborate, they’ll turn your great ideas into a custom design you can’t get anywhere else.

They can also help you find a designer with just the right skill set, and you'll collaborate one-on-one with them on your project.

All of their HTML email templates were professionally designed so you can contend against companies with huge email marketing budgets.

Their templates are all responsive, meaning they’ll look just as good on your desktop as they will on a customer’s mobile phone.

6. MailBakery

MailBakery offers free HTML email templates great for numerous email newsletters and marketing campaigns, easily adaptable to different industries and business purposes.

If you loved a particular template but it doesn’t correspond to your business purposes exactly, or if you are experiencing issues of any kind like with the integration, you can simply get in touch and they’ll be glad to help you.

With care for the clients of our clients, they take the time needed to make 100% sure that their templates look and behave the way they are supposed to across the most popular devices and screens

Smart choices shouldn’t cost a fortune. Their concept has always been to provide high quality at reasonable pricing, some are even free.

7. SendGrid

Design the perfect email for every occasion using SendGrid’s wide variety of responsive templates.

They care about the people behind each of the 2 trillion email addresses they serve.

Since 2009, through sending emails for 82,000 customers, they’ve learned that email is an important mix of technology and people.

They always want their customers to make a meaningful impact with their email programs and have seen how influential email success is to growing a healthy business.

Whether you’re a marketer, developer, CEO of a small business, or a program manager at an enterprise company, they know your email needs are unique.

So SendGrid provides a unique customer communications solution for every stage of your company’s growth.

8. EmailOnAcid

EmailOnAcid is a top-notch site for free email templates. They are said to “live, breathe and dream in email”.

Email development is anything but simple, which is why they’ve set out to create an email QA platform that makes it easy for developers and marketers to perfect their emails.

Their goal is to give you a hit of email confidence every time you send a campaign, knowing that your emails will look great for every subscriber on every platform.

9. PixelBuddha

PixelBuddha offers responsive customizable free HTML templates for different purposes: Landing pages, websites, email newsletters.

They feature all the latest trends and technologies: HTML 5, CSS 3, front-end Bootstrap framework, WordPress support.

They’re extremely passionate about creating free premium resources for the professional community.

When they talk about premium quality, they mean it. They put in all our expertise and skills in these design resources to offer the highest quality and impressive variety.

They always say that they’re a creative team zealous about bringing the best free and premium resources to the design community. And they believe in that part.

10. BenchMarkEmail

BenchMarkEmail’s templates are fully compatible with iPhone, Gmail, iPad, Apple Mail, Samsung Mail, Outlook, and other big email clients.

All their templates are guaranteed to help you get started on your email marketing campaigns.

Strut your stuff with their email newsletter templates. Their drag drop email editor helps you easily and quickly customize responsive email templates that will even look great on every mobile device.

To get started, just find an HTML email template in the newsletter section of their gallery, use your own, or do both. You don't even need a credit card.

Using their templates is very easy. You just download each template in ZIP format.

After you download a template, you can edit it and customize it using your favorite text or HTML editor. The best part is that their templates are absolutely free!


Tips For Crafting The Best Possible Newsletter For Your Subscribers

Once you’ve found the perfect newsletter free template, here are some tips for crafting the best possible newsletter for your subscribers:

1. Find an Email Template That Suit Your Needs

If your goal is to inform your subscribers, be sure to find a template that can maximize the vital info you want to include in your newsletter.

Just don’t overdo it! Too much content can confuse your subscribers.

Other newsletter templates are designed to sell. Remember that the only thing you can sell in an email newsletter is a click.

So, choose a template that will let you highlight one product, or just a few, and ensure you add a captivating Call To Action (CTA).

You should also pay attention to your reports. See how far down subscribers are making it in your newsletter and act accordingly.

2. Pick A Template That Inspires Engagement

If you’re planning to create more interaction with your subscribers, choose a template that stirs engagement.

It could have great chances for personalization, or to ask questions or for feedback, and chances to share your newsletter on social media.

3. Make Sure Your Template Can Be Customized To Support Your Branding

You may also want to use a template that matches your website or at the very least gives a similar feeling.

4. Your Subscribers Will Appreciate Consistency

Whether it’s a weekly or monthly newsletter, be sure to always send it on the same day of the week and at a particular time of day.

5. Be Sure To Use A Recognizable Name When You Send Your Newsletter

It could be your Brand Name or a person with whom most of your subscribers have interacted.

You may also want to test stating that it’s your Monthly or Weekly Newsletter at the beginning of your Subject Line.



Now that you have all the resources you need to create top-notch email newsletters, there are no more excuses to send mind-numbing emails.

You should check out all the sites featured in this article to have a wide range of templates to pick from.

You should also keep the tips featured in this article in mind if you’re planning to create a top-notch email newsletter.

If you loved this article and you’re in search of more business templates, tips, and ideas, do visit the blog page.