Legal ways to make money in nigeria

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How to make money in the most appropriate ways in Nigeria

Apparently, there are different ways by which one can make money in Nigeria, but this article will major on the acceptable and legal ways to make money in Nigeria.

You can make money in different ways, but to be well precise, let talk about legal ways to make money online. You don’t have to go into a fraudulent act before making money, it may tell on you later on.

So let go through the ways in which you can make money in Nigeria without any form of illegal transactions.

4 easy Ways to make money online in Nigeria.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Forex trading
  4. Blogging

All these are mean in which you can make legal money online, but it won’t seem good if I don’t explain in details how to go about making money with this profession.

So I will be highlighting ways by which you can make money from them, this article will also discuss the difficulties you may face while you journey through them.

Most people won’t tell you there are obstacles to scale before making money, but quite interesting these obstacles are nothing to worry about since I will enlighten you on the ways you can tackle these complications.

Hey dear reader, I am Benjamin Akintayo, the founder of one of the growing freelancing brand across the globe. I have been making money from the internet years back and I know publishing this content will be of help to you.

Even though you have been making money before me, there are still chances to improve and enlarge your coast, remember one source of income is never enough.

Also, more than 60% of these occupations will give you an edge to make foreign currency, let go deep.

  1. Freelancing: according to my research, freelancing is one of the lucrative jobs you should try out.

This is a way where you can sit back, work and make money from home, without passing through Lagos state traffic.

You work on agreement, deliver your job and get paid. But there is always mistake most upcoming freelancers make, they try to touch all aspect of freelancing and eventually end up getting almost nothing.

I made the same mistake; I guess you don’t understand what I mean. There are different category where you can freelance, some of these categories include, content writing, web design, graphics design, SEO service, E-book formatting, programing, video editing and more.

Trying to choke yourself, by offering every service at the same time will eventually do you more of harm than good, especially if you are just at the babe stage- just starting your career in freelancing.

So choose your niche and major on it, at time goes on you can decide to expand.

So what are the difficulties in freelancing?

The common challenge every freelancer face is getting a job, it sucks when you sacrifice a lot of time to learn programing and you end up not getting a single job.

How do you solve this?

Try to register with freelancing website and follow up with them, share your registered link on other social media so anyone who sees it will know what you do and eventually get convinced.

  1. Affiliate marketing: I make huge sale as a member of the amazon affiliate program, so I know what I mean when I included affiliate marketing into this.

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby you advertise a website, organization or even good and service in other to get a percentage- called commission.

There are also other affiliate marketing website where you can advertise product and get commissioned, using amazon as an example.

Once you register with amazon, you get a personal link which is very unique to you; you can post the link on famous social media like Facebook, instagram, whatsApp.

This is how you make money from them, every link given to you as an affiliate marketer will refer back to one product or the other on amazon website. So once anyone access the link and purchase any product through that link which has been shared across social media, then you get your commission.

The problem you may face here is getting sales, but you should be able to run advert for that.

  1. Forex trading

Forex it now getting to its peak, you might have heard of forex before very possible!  Almost everyone seeking for fast money talk about this- I mean the new babe.

I started trading forex way back since 2016, I must say, it is a very lucrative business, but it broke me. This is the reason you don’t have to follow others perception about forex, yet the general norm about forex that says it is lucrative is not arguable. Forex is very lucrative!

This is the process of trading majorly currency and stock in other to get profits…

What perception am I talking about? The common norms by forex babe (I am referring to those people who just started trading forex as babe). They say it is a quick wealth accumulator scheme, this is a prank, forex need your time sacrifice and more.

Then later on, you will enjoy what it takes to be a forex trader.

  1. Blogging

I have bad and good news for you here; I think the good news should come first.

The good news is, blogging is a money making machine, you can become a million within two years just by blogging. So what bad news do I have?

Here comes the bad news, there are billions of blog and website online which makes it very competitive, you also need to go through intensive training in other to become a successful blogger.

I tell you, more than 50% of bloggers across the globe are not successful.

Contact me to get your blog designed at an affordable rate, I will also give you a free guide which will help you get it right at the first strike.


I will never conclude without telling you the truth.

The truth is, these 4 ways to make money legally in Nigeria required sacrifice, although some vary, you just need little sacrifice before you make money. Yet they are all sacrifice, no matter how small one may seem.

Make sure you are ready to sacrifice before you venture into any, happy money making dear!

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