Insecurity seems to have taken a hold of our economy, daily life and general well being.

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what are the effects of this insecurity on our economy, not only having effect on the economy, but also digging it to the daily life style of human being- citizen?

We live in a world that has walls and those walls need to be guided by men with gun, this is how it is meant to be.

But this is not really working well presently, we have an illusion of security, we don’t have security…

The situation of insecurity on ground has really caused changes in the daily life style of human- citizen, the daily routine of farmers leaving their home very early in the morning to get things done in the farm has really turn out to be something to fear.

It has now gotten to a point whereby individuals need to be so conscious of the way they move around, especially in the rural area of the country.

So, what are the effects of this insecurity on our economy, not only having effect on the economy, but also digging it to the daily life style of human being- citizen?

Let take it from the daily lifestyle angle, very sure you have witnessed the way the people in the rural part find their way to get water. Even though you have not witness this before, you should have gotten some information from the elderly men and women.

Villagers leaving their house in the morning or even during the evening, finding their way to the river in other to fetch water and probably take their bath is now observed with fear.

Everyone is no longer safe in the country; this is one example out of hundreds ways insecurity has changed the daily life and general well-being of the nation.

Now diving into how it is really causing havoc in the aspect of the economy, when we talk about economy, we may imply the inflation in prices of goods, the job opportunity and the likes.

A very good example is the way most local food come from the rural part of the country, if these goods get their way to the urban side safely, the prices of these good will be increased. Why?

  • There is low supply of these food stuff- most farmers were unable to get to farm and cultivate because of the herdsmen, farmers that could maneuvers their ways to the farm could only cultivate little (because they are not meant to waste much time in the farm as usual). All this eventually sum up to produce low output, yet the people in the urban area still need to feed on what is available. So there is likely to be inflation in prices of what is been conveyed to the urban side, majorly because there has a touch of monopoly in the market.

Talking about loss of job opportunity, as a result of fear of been killed most people lost their job as a farmer- not only farmers alone, these people has no rigid external bodies to protect them, so they keep unto the wise saying that says “when there is life, there is hope”.

To add to these, insecurity has taken life of innocent citizens, whether they are farmers or not.  You are not sure of experiencing a safe journey on the highway, even during day light.

It also creates avenue for robbery and some other illegal act…

Moreover let not forget, insecurity will surely cause a reduction in foreign direct investment, no smart foreign investor will know about an issue of insecurity in a country and still go along to invest in there.