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runway excursion

We can often classify accidents that occur at airports as either a runway incursion or an excursion. The aviation industry recorded most of its airway accidents occurring from runway excursions. we are here to give you information about runway excursion, its meaning, translation, synonyms, antonyms, and its use case.

Runway Excursion (noun) (rʌnweɪ ɪkskɜːʳʃən)

It is defined as a veer-off or overrun off the runway surface. (ICAO)

Veer-Off: an excursion in which an aircraft departs the physical edges of a runway/taxiway.

Overrun: an excursion in which an aircraft departs the end of a runway.

It occurs when an aircraft leaves the runway in use during the landing run or take-off, which could occur intentionally or unintentionally.

When it occurs unintentionally, some factors may contribute to making the excursion possible.

Such factors may include; Poor and fluctuating forward visibility, Wind velocity headwind or crosswind components exceptionally variable, or near permitted aircraft maxima, and a runway contaminated by water, ice, snow, or slush.

Runway excursion brings about so many effects which include: Damage to the aircraft, Death or injury to persons not on the aircraft, Death or injury to persons on board the aircraft, Damage to airfield or off-airfield installations, Damage to other aircraft or vehicles, and Delay consequent upon runway obstruction because of the excursion


runway overruns, runway incursion, and taxiway incursion.


safe landing, safe heaven


French – sortie de piste

Spanish – excursión de pista

Dutch – landingsbaan excursie

Latin – runway excursio

Chinese – 跑道游览 (Pǎodào yóulǎn)

Italian – escursione in pista

Russian – экскурсия по взлетно-посадочной полосе 

Use Case

  • The airplane was substantially damaged at about 0925 Mountain time during a runway excursion.
  • the airport couldn’t secure any defense mechanism to prevent the aircraft from runway excursion.

Frequently asked questions

what is an aircraft runway excursion?

It is an overrun or veer-off from the runway surface (ICAO).

How to take prevention?

One of the major ways of running prevention is through the use of RERR Toolkit. The RERR toolkit is a product of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), FSF, and the joint effort of the Runway Safety Initiative members.

This toolkit provides an in-depth analysis of a compilation of important risk factors and accident data. It also provides recommendations for pilots, operators, Air Traffic Management, airports, Air Traffic Controllers, and regulators to help address challenges that may be faced.

Factors that bring about its causes include runway contamination, adverse weather, mechanical failure, pilot error, and unstable approaches.
what is a taxiway incursion?
A taxiway incursion can also be referred to as a taxiway excursion. Taxiway excursion occurs when the aircraft veers off or overruns the taxiway and/or parking areas.


We can say that a runway excursion is an overrun or veer-off from the runway surface which occurs when a departing aircraft cannot become airborne or successfully reject the take-off before reaching the end of the designated runway.

also when a landing aircraft cannot stop before the end of the designated runway is reached and when an aircraft taking off, rejecting take off or landing departs the side of the designated runway, the runway excursion will occur.

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