Writing Contest


The 360 Writing Contest is a monthly writing competition that offers writers of all backgrounds the privilege to compete for a $100 Cash Prize or its Naira equivalent

How to Get Started

1. Signup here to get a Contestant Username
2. Requst for a topic by chatting one of the Judges here
3. Write extensively a minimum of 1,500 words, add your 360 Username to it and Submit it here

How to decide what to write on

It is always better to write on Products or Services that you know because you will always excel and produce great content on such topics

If you are a Computer Engineer, write on Computer Products and Related Services.
If you are a Dentist, write on Dentistry, it related Products and Services
If you are a Painter, write on Painting Services and related Products like the Painting brush, Hand gloves, etc
If you are a Salesperson, write on Sales Services
If you are a DJ, write on DJ related Products and Services

The more information and details covered, the better, height, width, size, dimension, cost, brand, manufacturing company, manufactured date, expiration duration, cost across diverse locations, and lots more.

We have made a list of top contents that we need you to write on, pick from any of them and start writing. You can also search through our list of already available products you can write on or yet still write about a Product or Service you know too well.

Benefits of Writing

The best content will be awarded a cash gift of $100

He/she will also get:

Free access to Perks and Gifts
Exposure to other Writing offers
Ambassadorial appointment
Free Trainings & Resources

Assessment Criteria

All entries will be accessed based on the following:
The content should contain a minimum of 1,500 words on the topic
The content should be error-free
The content must not be plagiarized (you should provide references when necessary)
The content should be well-structure (i.e. it should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion)
Entertainment Services is a great content example that can serve as a guide on how your content should be formatted

Deadline for Submission

Entries for the August Edition of this contest should be published on or before the 31st of August 2021.

The winning article will be announced on the 31st of August 2021.