Tail Number Search, Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Use Cases

Have you been wondering what the phrase tail number search is? or have the intention of tracking your flight. Well, here is a rundown on tail number search, its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and its most use cases.


Tail number is an identification number painted on an aircraft, typically on the tail.
Where American military aircraft serial numbers are two examples of what tail numbers can stand for in civil aviation.
On cars, they function exactly like license plates, but on airplanes, they have several additional uses.
A pilot will tell you that no plane is the same, even if the aircraft are of the same age, type, and same company.
Where one of the physical differences one can use to identify this difference is the tail number.
When searching for the tail number of an aircraft it is important to note that we find this number on the plane’s tail.
In searching for the tail number of an aircraft, they differ based on the location where the aircraft was registered, and we see this difference from the prefix of the tail number.

Some common examples are:

  • Ireland – EI
  • UK – G
  • USA – N
  • Austria – OE
  • France – F
  • Germany – G
  • Spain – EC
  • Switzerland – HB


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Dutch – staart nummer zoeken

German – Schwanznummer suchen

Italian – ricerca del numero di coda

Spanish – búsqueda de número de cola

Use case

  • The USA Privat Jet bore the tail number N644AA before it disappeared and can’t be found.
  • As an outcome of the event that left the company bankrupt, the aircraft with N522308 as its tail number was suspended for commercial purposes.
  • No compensation is due if airlines notify passengers over 14 days in advance and the tail number remains the same.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I find a tail number?
Most airlines paint this number towards the back of the aircraft, although some also paint it on top of the wings. For aircraft registered in the US, the country identification code (“N”) is followed by the numerical portion of the tail number.
Can you look up who owns a plane?
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has an Aircraft Inquiry Database that enables users to look for an aircraft by several criteria, including the serial number, owner, and registration number.
Is tail number same as flight number?
The airplanes of commercial carriers also have tail numbers. However, most of the time passengers don’t need to use the tail number for anything. The flight number is used to identify commercial flights.
How many digits is a tail number?
An alphanumeric identifier with two to six characters is what we refer to as a tail number and is used to identify a particular aircraft. An airplane’s nation of origin can be determined by the alphabetical prefix of this tail number.

Video Explanation

The video below gives a brief explanation of how to identify the tail number on an aircraft.



Every plane, whether it is private or commercial, is issued a registration number similar to how cars are granted license plates. The term “tail numbers” refers to the identification marks that are normally visible on an aircraft’s tail (thus the name), or, in the event of many private aircraft, on the engine cowling. Similar to license plates for cars, registrations can be customized. Private planes present a unique situation in which there are no real restrictions on where you can register your aircraft. As a result, some rather obvious custom tail numbers have emerged:

Nike Corporation – N1KE
John Travolta’s Boeing 707 – N707JT
Lord Alan Sugar – G-SUGA
N999BE – is found on one of Bernie Ecclestone’s aircraft



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