Tandem landing gear, Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Use Cases

Today we’ll be looking at the phrase ”Tandem Landing Gear”. giving it relations to aviation, its meaning, synonym, antonyms, and use cases. 


Tandem landing gear (TLG) (also called bicycle landing gear) as the name implies is a type of landing gear that has the main gear and tail gear aligned on the aircraft at its longitudinal axis. 

The main gear and tail gear are aligned on the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Sailplanes commonly use tandem gear, while some military bombers such as the B-47 and the B-52 use tandem gear, as well as the U2 spy plane.

TLG is used for large aircraft (like the B-52 bomber and the U-2 reconnaissance/research aircraft). The VTOL Harrier was conceived to operate from improvised bases, and has tandem gear but uses small outrigger gear under the wings for support.

The main landing gear of TLG is in two sets that are located one behind the other on the fuselage. The TGL allows the use of a highly flexible wing, but it may also require the use of small wheels on the tips of the wings to keep the wings from scraping the ground.


bicycle landing gear, fixed landing gear


Skid landing gear, uneven gear, roughen gear


French – Train d’atterrissage tandem

Dutch – Tandem landingsgestel

Latin – Tandem portum calces

Spanish – Tren de aterrizaje en tándem

Italian –  Carrello di atterraggio in tandem

Use cases

  • The problem of the aircraft was associated with wind shear, bird ingestion into engines, tire failures, turbulence, auto-pilot defects, and tandem landing gear failure, such as never occurred in many other types of transport aircraft.
  • The aircraft features a two-seats in-tandem enclosed cockpit under a bubble canopy, a strut-braced high-wing, fixed tandem landing gear, and a single engine in pusher configuration.
  • The tandem landing gear system permits the lowering of the parked aircraft so the cargo floor is at truck-bed height to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading.

Frequently asked question

What is tandem landing gear?

 Tandem landing gear is also known as bicycle landing gear. TLG has used for landing gear that comprises retractable two-wheel assemblies, mounted one behind the other on the aircraft centerline where additional supports may include smaller skids or wheels.

What is a tandem gear aircraft?

Out, of all the aircraft only a Few aircraft are designed with the tandem landing gear. This type of landing gear has the tail gear and main gear aligned on the longitudinal axis of the aircraft. Sailplanes mostly use tandem gear, where many only have one actual gear forward on the fuselage with a skid under the tail.

What are the different types of gear used in aircraft?

The types of gear used in the aviation industry are:

  • face gears
  • gear hardened
  • pinion gears 
  • rotor gears
  • ground gears
  • spur gears

Video Explanation

The video gives information on TGL and an overview of all the various landing gear.



The final approach and safe landing of an aircraft depend on the landing gear of the aircraft, which is a structure under a plane’s fuselage. Tandem landing gear has some mechanism that helps in absorbing the force of the landing beside the aircraft’s weight. Where the early landing gears had skids but were advanced, and wheels were attached to these skids to aid the aircraft in ensuring a safe landing.



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