Weather Meaning, synonyms, antonyms, translation and use cases

Have you ever wondered how the weather works and what it means? If not, in today’s word for the day, we will be highlighting the meaning of weather, its synonyms, antonyms, translation, and use cases.

Beyond that, we will be out listing the causes of weather and how it works.


Weather conditions are the condition of the environment concerning wind, temperature, shadiness, dampness, pressure, and so on.
Climate condition of the environment at a specific spot during a brief timeframe. It includes such barometrical peculiarities as temperature, stickiness, precipitation (type and sum), gaseous tension, wind, and overcast cover.

It contrasts from an environment that the last option incorporates the combination of weather patterns that have beaten a given region during quite a while period — by and large 30 years.

According to research, Geographic highlights, most outstanding mountains and enormous waterways (e.g., lakes and seas), likewise influence climate.


Causes of Weather

This happens basically because of gaseous tension, temperature and dampness contrasts between one spot to another. These distinctions can happen because of the sun point at a specific spot, which changes by scope from the jungles. It is comprised of six primary parts.

These are temperature, air pressure, cloud development, wind, humidity and rain. A little change to any of these circumstances can make an alternate climate condition.


  • Meteorological conditions
  • Forecast
  • Temperature
  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Meteorology


  • Apathy
  • Imperturbability
  • Frost

First Known Use

Weather was first known before the 12th century,In middle English is is called’weder’, from Old English-‘akin’, in Old High German-‘wetar’, in Old Church Slavonic-‘vetrŭ’- wind.


Spanish- Clima
Greek- Καιρός
Latin- Tempestas
French- Temps
Portugese- Tempo

Use Cases

  • This week the most obvious opportunity with regards to dry and brilliant weather conditions will keep on being over western regions.
  • The harder it is to introduce a rich outline in garments and to stay agreeable in warm weather.
  • As per weather projections, great breeze from the southeast will make them fly to the completion.
  • Downpour and melancholy weather conditions are thought bound to increment pulse in light of pressure.

Frequently Asked questions

What does precipitation means in weather?

Precipitation is any fluid or frozen water that structures in the environment and falls back to the Earth. It comes in many structures, similar to rain, slush, and snow.

What are the 7 factors of weather?

  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Precipitation and Storms

What are the effects of weather?

It influences everybody and all that it its way, starting with the garments you put on to meet your day to the sort of outside exercises you decide to participate in.

It also influences human, creature and plant wellbeing, as well as the food supply, and it adds to the typical environment in your space.

What are the 10 causes of climate change?

The following are 10 reasons for a worldwide temperature alteration that are adding to the environment emergency.

  • Oil Drilling
  • Power Plants
  • Consumerism
  • Transport and Vehicles
  • Farming
  • Overfishing
  • Industrialization

Video Explanation of Weather

This video will give you a further explanation on the meaning of weather, how it happens, how it can affect our everyday surroundings and who forecasts the weather.



Weather conditions are driven by gaseous tension, temperature, and dampness contrast between one spot and another. These distinctions can happen because of the Sun’s point at a specific spot, which changes with scope.

The solid temperature contrast between polar and tropical air leads to the biggest scale air disseminations: the Hadley cell, the Ferrel cell, the polar cell, and the fly stream.








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