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avionics master switch

Avionics Master Switch; Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translation, Use Cases

The avionics master switch manages the power supplied to the avionics bus, which powers all of the avionics circuit breakers in an airplane. Avionics: (/eɪvɪˈɒnɪks/) noun The science and technology of electronics applied to aeronautics and astronautics For example; One of the most advanced avionics on the Sea King was the front. Similar word; Black box Etymology of use As a portmanteau of “aviation…

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Annual Inspection; Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, Translation, Use Cases

There is no specific definition for the term “annual inspection” as it is a combination of words making it a compound word. Annual:  (/ænjuəl/) adjective Once a year, yearly. For example; Annual events occur once a year. Etymology From Late Latin annuālis, from Latin Annuus yearly, from Annus year. From Old French “annuel” yearly” (12c.)   Inspection: (/ɪnˈspɛkʃən/)…

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